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Quotes I was at a bike fest about 7years ago when I walked past an SBA booth when suddenly one of the SBA representatives ran over to me and placed the Amber White scent right under my nose before I could realize what was happening and was instantly surprised with how smooth the fragrance was. I was made an instant customer that day and has been ever since. The compliments I get about how good I smell are constant and I mean every day. Amber White forever!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Quotes

Quotes My daughter went to TSU in 2016 (freshman yr) my family and I went to the homecoming & bought oils My favorite is Something Special from the gentleman. Now we are in the 2018-19 Homecoming and heâ??s no where to be found, I was, sooooooI disappointed, and everyone kept trying to getnme to smell their oils, but I knew what I wanted and what he looked like. Fast forward 2019-20, my Son is Sophomore at TSU, Homecoming and Iâ??m on my quest to find him with my Daughter & Husband. Bingo I find him, he tells me they didnâ??t set up the previous yr and I bought 10 oils. Six (6) of Something Special because I knew my Cousin would want some because she had already told me prior to leaving Cincinnati, Oh to go. 2020-21 My son is in his Junior yr and due to COVID Homecoming is cancelled, so Iâ??m ordering several oils to be sent to me. So Iâ??ll have my favorite oil, that no one else can supply. (Something Special) I canâ??t begin to tell you how many compliments I get on this oil. Thanks again. ð??? Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I met the family at the Black Film Festival in Winston Salem this year. I bought 2 one night and came back and bought 4 the next night!!! They smell so good and last all day!!!! Thanks guys!!!! Wishing you much success and keep making the world smell better one spray at a time!!!!! Quotes
Yvette Gibbs

Quotes This past weekend I once again attended the 2016 Roots and Heritage Festival in Lexington, Kentucky. Well as soon as I spotted his booth I wasted no time in getting there, not only did he remember my name, but he met me with a Big smile and a brotherly handshake treating me just like family. Last year he introduced me to ?Woods? and I thoroughly enjoyed it, this time he handed me ?Something?, now this scent was ?something? EPIC! As soon as I put it on I knew he had the right scent for the right moment for the right time, but what I didn?t know is how much of an impact it would make on my girlfriend. Guys take note of this scent ?Special? SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW! Quotes
Gghobs Helton
"Something" an oil that should be AGAINST THE LAW!

Quotes I was at the roots and heritage festival and this table caught my attention really good. I stopped by all the Africans tables and seen what they had and I didn't want nothing! When I went to his table I knew it was different and I wanted to place an order. The African man got upset because I didn't want to purchase his oils. However, all of their oils are always the same,but this guys, his oils where top hit above what the Africans was selling and I support the black man! The smells where different and the service was great. I would recommend any and everyone to come to this place of business because he was friendly and welcoming. He engaged in conversation and even made you feel good. I like that type of business. I would give this store 5 stars because it's just that good. The fragrances are very strong and uplifting. Thank you so much for your service and great smelling oils. I love how it's different from what everyone else was trying to sell! Quotes
Anonymous guest

Quotes I just want to let you know that I have forsaken ALL of my other fragrances for just one scent from SBA. He came into a beauty salon about two years ago and I purchased about 4 different oils... that I kept for several months before trying any of them. I was accustomed to wearing the "Be Delicious" by Donna Karen. However, after my mother passed away I couldn't wear any from that line - the scents just reminded me too much of her. I needed another everyday fragrance... and so I pulled out the oils. I wore the Cashmere Mist out to dinner with friends from out of town and my friends (5 year old ) daughter, stopped her mom from talking to tell me how "pretty" I smelled. I have co-workers whom come into my office and state how clean and fresh it smells in there, grocery store, the mall and even church. Folks are taking notice of this oil on me. I have even orders special sizes to gift my friends because they keep taking from my personal surplus at home. Cashmere 4eva! Quotes
My Presence Lingers

Quotes A little while back in Lexington, Kentucky I was walking out and about at the Roots and Heritage Festival. There were many booth to choose from, but Al-ameen's booth really caught my attention. I stopped just to see what kind of oils he had? I really had no intention of buying any, but let me tell you they greeted me with a HUGE smile and said just give this a try, they let me dab a little on my arm and simply continued telling about the other oils they had. I bet it wasn't less than a minute this really refreshing smell came over me, it was the woods. The longer it stayed on the better it became. I have spent a lot of money on name brand colognes and none of them even came close to their oils. I bought one bottle and I wear it most of the time, I have had a dozen compliments on how it smells. So bottom line is this, if you want something that is going to smell good and is going to last, then you have got to try these oils. Thanks my friend, very satisfied customer. Quotes
Gghobs Helton
Woods oil

Quotes I was in Myrtle Beach during Bike Week and met this Brother at the booth who convinced me to by these oils. I had given up on oils until I purchased "Bint el Madina and Egyptian Musk. These oils are "The Truth". Definitely purchasing again! Quotes
The Truth

Quotes Allow me to elaborate on ur great smelling oils. My daughter & I purchased three bottles of oils in Memphis while shopping at Africa in April. My favorite oil is Burberry Weekend oil spray !! I was taken while browsing to stop & check out ur booth, because your bottles were clean and had such a inviting label. I was really apprehensive in trying a new oil, yet my daughter & I walked away with cashmere mist (a hit), romance, pink sugar (daughter stated off the chain). Therefore we are sold on your oils. We have received many compliments on our perfume oils. Guess what we are new customers from M-Town & look out friends will be receiving oils as GIFTS! THANKS for introducing us to the GOOD STUFF! L@@king forward to u getting some Burberry Weekend.. Quotes
Butterfly Lane
Smelling Sensational